"There is more to having faith than just believing he exists."

Things To Ponder, (Self, Lesley 2007)

Welcome to the Green Country Emmaus community where we walk in company with one another while we journey in our own seasons, all the while keeping our faith.

We hear people say everyday, "Life is a Journey", "The Seasons of Life", or "Keep the Faith."

Luke 24:13-50 depicts how Cleopas and his friend loved Jesus, followed Jesus, and believed in Jesus, but could not understand what happened.  Why?  Why crucify? The promises and the plans, yet, he's gone!  Their disappointment, questions and confusion of how this all could be. 

Until that one day!!! On the walk to Emmaus!!!  These men were shown that Jesus was with them all along.  HE was with them the whole time! 

This journey was a life changer for these men.  They were on their road to undaunted faith. They knew they could carry on their life and spread the GOOD NEWS and be brave, and courageous!  


Come, as we walk with you on YOUR walk to Emmaus!


"To be a teacher of His word you must first be a student in His name."

- Things To Ponder



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   August 2019   
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