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What is the history of the Green Country Walk to Emmaus community?

What is the history of the Green Country Walk to Emmaus community?     

The Green Country Walk to Emmaus community is one of many communities across the United States and internationally.   Local Emmaus communities enter into a Covenant letter agreement each year with The Upper Room International Walk to Emmaus/Chrysalis Office.  By entering into this Covenant letter agreement, our community agrees to conduct our Emmaus program in accordance with the Upper Room Emmaus materials and to have an elected local governing body that will conduct its business in accordance with the Emmaus/Chrysalis Office guidelines and in a manner that honors Christ and His church.  

The Green County Walk to Emmaus community was formed in 1983 and held Walk #1 on October 6-9, 1983 and Walk #2 on October 20-23, 1983 at Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Since 1983, a minimum of 2 sets of weekends per year have been held with over 5,000 people participating.  

The Green Country Board of Directors is the local body that governs the Green Country Emmaus community and oversees the walk weekends.   The slate of the current Board of Directors can be found on our website as well as an historical list of Board members that have served the Green Country community.