What is a monthly Gathering?

What is a monthly Gathering

A monthly gathering is an opportunity for our community to gather for worship, communion and fellowship.  A typical format for our Green Country gatherings is to begin at 7:00 with fellowship and snacks and then move into the sanctuary or chapel for praise and worship, announcements, a 4th Day testimony, a meditation from clergy, and the sharing of Holy Communion. 

The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus, Chapter 13, sets forth the objectives of a regular monthly gathering:  1) make visible the Christian community – persons of various churches and denominations who are united in pursuing transformation in the calling of “one Lord, one faith, one baptism” (Eph. 4:5); 2) to encourage one another to continue our walk with the Lord and to persevere in grace through the practice of piety, study, and action; through membership in a group reunion; and through active participation in one’s own church; 3) to inspire one another to make profound changes in our own lives and in the environments in which we live; 4) to maintain relationships with other Emmaus pilgrims in order to build a vital community of persons to support future Walk to Emmaus weekends; and 5) to educate the Emmaus community in the Walk to Emmaus movements, weekends, and method for living in the Fourth Day  (excerpt from The Upper Room Handbook on Emmaus, Chapter 13).