Questions a potential pilgrim may have

What happens if I have an emergency back home? Will I be notified and, if so, how?  You will receive a confirmation letter from the Registrar confirming your acceptance on a Green Country Walk to Emmaus weekend.  That letter will have the phone number for the church where the Walk will be held as well as the Registrar’s phone number.  You should provide these phone numbers to your family so that you can be reached in the event of an emergency.     If an emergency arises, your family should contact your Sponsor who will then make the appropriate contacts.

I have medication which I need to take at certain times of the day.  How will that be handled?   While you are invited entering into an Emmaus weekend to “leave the world behind for 72-hours,” we realize that there are certain things, such as taking medications, which require keeping track of time or looking at a watch or time-piece.  During the Walk registration process on Thursday evening, you may relay any information regarding the timing of medications to the lay director.   They will ensure that you are notified of the proper time in order that you may take your medication.

What if I forget something at home or need an extra blanket, etc.?    If you forget something for a weekend, notify the assistant lay directors for the weekend and they will contact your Sponsor so that arrangements can be made to receive any forgotten items.

Can I take some of my favorite foods/snacks with meEmmaus is known for its good food and snacks.   You will not need to bring food to the weekend.  You can let your Sponsor know if there is a favorite snack you’d like to have on the weekend. 

Because of my age and health issues, will I be able to rest?  Can I leave if I need to and return before the weekend is concludedThe 72-hour Walk to Emmaus is a highly structured weekend with rest breaks built into each day of the schedule, with the exception of Sunday.     You should discuss any concerns with your Sponsor who can help you determine whether the 3-Day schedule is workable for you.   You would not be allowed to return home mid-point through the 3-Day schedule and then return to complete the weekend.

What type of clothing do I take - business casual or casual/comfortable?   Casual and comfortable clothing is suggested.