Am I allowed to take pictures during a Walk to Emmaus weekend?

I’d like to remember my Walk to Emmaus event with photos.  Am I allowed to take pictures during a Walk to Emmaus weekend?   

The Board of Directors signs an agreement with the Upper Room to follow faithfully the guidelines as published in the Handbook on Emmaus.   The Handbook states:  "Boards will ensure that no part of the 72-hour experience will be videotaped, electronically recorded, photographed, digitally recorded, or tape recorded. Talks will not be broadcast outside the conference room, electronically transmitted, videotaped, or photographed."  Due to the confidentiality pledged to the pilgrims, the only picture that is allowed is the conference room picture that is taken on Friday and distributed to the conference room members only.    In contrast, community-wide fellowship events may be photographed from time to time for newsletter and promotional purposes and these types of photos are not prohibited.

   July 2019   
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